Service on the AMA Board of Trustees . . . .

Since June 2014, I have served on the Board of Trustees of the American Medical Association. It is clear to me that the future is bright for physicians and patients in America … but we have major challenges that must be addressed to ensure our collective future. Some of the most important issues facing us today include:

  • Scope of Practice¬†– The physician-led, team-based medical model is necessary to ensure that quality and patient safety are not compromised. This model is threatened however when other professionals without adequate education and training try to expand their scope of practice through legislation or regulation.
  • Fair Payment for Physician Services – Physicians, like all professionals, deserve to be paid fairly for services and work provided. As a profession, we have made many sacrifices to ensure the health of our nation, but we cannot sustain a system in which expansion of medical services is based on the sole premise of cuts to physician reimbursement.
  • Graduate Medical Education – Although medical school enrollment has risen over the last decade, the full time equivalent resident cap on fully funded residency positions established by the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 has limited our ability to expand GME. We need to lift the Medicare cap on GME positions or explore alternative funding models, to have a meaningful impact on the issue of the impending physician shortage.


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